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Shrama Vasana Fund has been established under the Shrama Vasana Fund Act No. 12 of 1998 to make provision for funds and other connected services in raising the standard of welfare services for the working population in Sri Lanka.

Pioneering work in the establishment of the Fund

With a view to develop a contented workforce with a sound economic base by enhancing welfare services, pioneering work on the establishment of the Shrama Vasana Fund was undertaken by His Excellency Mahinda Rajapakse during his tenure of office as the Hon. Minister of Labor. This initiative was a natural outcome of his background as a leader working in close collaboration with the working class. This initiative was indeed a great achievement for the entire working population.

A significant step forward was taken in 1998 by the launching of a lottery named "Shrama Vasana", in collaboration with the National Lotteries Board in order to collect funds for the Shrama Vasana Fund. This is the only lottery organized for the benefit of the working class. With time, this lottery improved acquiring additional features like Devedda 1 (oEjeoao 1& and Devedda 2 (oEjeoao 2& effectively competing with other lotteries thus enhancing the financial base of Shrama Vasana Fund.

With considerable effort, arrangements were made to draw the lottery every Sunday commencing on 18th Dec. 2012.

The earning capacity of the lottery was strengthened by this move. It was later observed that Sunday being a holiday, people could not be contacted in large numbers for the sale of tickets and there was a tendency for the vendors to go on holiday. The sales declined. Therefore with effect from 06 March 2010, Saturday Jathika Sampatha replaced the Sunday lottery, with a variety of new attractive gifts and a different out look. The lottery now in operation is taking the lead among lotteries. It is now the only mechanism to earn an income for the welfare of the working class.


“A Contented workforce”


“Development of a congenial place of work by improved welfare programs including in particular relief measures for workers in distress.”

Objectives of the Fund

  • Promotion of welfare for the workers.
  • When a place of work closes down without prior notice to the employees, grant financial benefits and other benefits to them.
  • Providing employees with medical facilities and other assistance during emergencies.
  • Granting temporary relief to employees when enquiries are held against them.
  • Granting financial Assistance and other forms of assistance to employees or their dependents during old age.
  • Presentation of awards to those who have made an outstanding contribution to workers welfare.


  • Perform all activities necessary to achieve the above objectives.
  • Work for the development of a contented workforce by improved welfare services delivered to all the targeted beneficiaries by a variety of activities that are based on the objectives of the Fund.

Free Services to the workers

  • Health clinics and eye clinics.
  • Implementing empowerment programs.
  • Conducting awareness programs.
  • Directing the workers to professional educational programs and tertiary education programs.
  • Implementing professional guidance programs.
  • Implementing medical aid programs.
  • Implementing disaster relief programs.
  • Implementing occupational health and safety programs.
  • Implementing legal assistance programs.
  • Providing financial aid and Shrama Vasana scholarships for the needy in the event of bereavement.
  • Giving financial aid and scholarship to the needy in the event of permanent disablement.
  • Grant relief and financial aid in the event of natural disasters.
  • Appreciation of exemplary services.
  • Granting medical aid in recognition of exemplary services.


  • Conducting a lottery in collaboration with the National Lotteries Board in order to collect funds for the Shrama Vasana Fund with a view to grant enhanced benefits to the working people.
  • Collection of funds from local or foreign sources in cash or in kind.
  • Granting of scholarships promoting the objectives of the Fund.
  • Entering into agreements to promote the objective of the Fund and implementing such agreements.
  • Investment of funds belonging to the Shrama Vasana Fund in accordance with the decisions of the Board and collection of income generated by such investments.
  • Undertaking all such action as may be necessary to realize the objectives of the Shrama Vasana Fund.
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