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Promotion of the welfare of the workers

Conducting health clinics / eye clinics

Select a suitable work place and conduct a health clinic or an eye clinic and thereby contribute to the development of a healthy workforce in Sri Lanka.

Empowerment programs for workers

Contribute to the development of a prosperous workforce by conducting self employment related work shops for the family members of workers thereby enhancing the economic status of the respective families.

Awareness programs for workers

Conduct awareness programs on industrial safety, proper hygienic practices and productivity for workers and thereby contribute to the development of an efficient, intelligent, healthy, workforce.


Providing financial aid and other assistance to workers when a place of work is closed down without prior notice

Directing the workers to follow professional courses and tertiary educational courses

By directing the workers affected by the closure of places of employment without prior notice to professional courses of study and tertiary educational courses, new employment could be found for them and unemployment is thereby reduced.

Professional guidance programs

Those affected by closure of places of work without prior notice are encouraged to attend self employment courses on fields of work such as beauty care and given training in aspects like entrepreneurship by workshops in order that they may find self employment with other connected assistance, these activities will enable the unemployed to contribute to the economic development of the country by being gainfully employed.


Providing workers with medical aid and other assistance during emergencies

Medical aid

When workers are affected by diseases categorized as professional diseases by the ILO, the workers are given medical assistance to recover from such illnesses.

Disaster relief

When workers are affected by natural disasters like floods/ land slides/ earthquakes and fire outbreaks/ in addition to other disasters recognized by the Shrama Vasana Fund assistance for rehabilitation is provided by supplying food and essential dry rations.

Awareness programs on occupational health and safety

The Fund contributes to the development of a healthy, energetic workforce by conducting awareness programs on occupational health and safety and safeguards against occupational hazards.


Temporary aid to workers when equerries are initiated against workers

Legal aid

When an enquiry is conducted against a worker drawing a salary of less than Rs. 15,000/- inclusive of all allowances, action is taken to give legal aid in addition to making the services of legal advisors available to them. This will enable the workers to work with a greater sense of confidence and courage.


Financial assistance and other benefits to employees and their dependents in the event of disasters that occur while in service

Financial aid and scholarships for dependents in the event of accidental death

When workers suffer accidental death while in service in factories and other institutions or while being engaged in self employment, assistance is given to the dependents by making financial contributions and granting of scholarships.

Financial aid and other forms of relief to workers affected by natural disasters

Financial aid and other forms of rehabilitation assistance is provided for workers affected by natural disasters in order to ensure that they are satisfactorily reliabilitated.

Provision of financial aid and orthopedic appliances appropriate the disabled conditions including scholarships for the dependents in the event of permanent disablement

Workers permanently disabled due to accidents while they are in service are given orthopedic appliances appropriate for the disabled conditions. (These include wheel chairs, hand held supports, crutches, hearing aids and spectacles). Dependents of these workers are given financial aid and scholarships if they happen to be pursuing studies. These forms of assistance help in granting considerable relief to those who are permanently disabled while they are in service.


Presentations in recognition of excellent services for the welfare of workers

Recognize the services done for workers welfare by granting medical aid

Recognize persons like Members of Parliament and labor leaders who work for workers welfare when they fall seriously ill by granting medical aid (Shrama Abiman Medical Aid)

Appreciation of contribution for workers welfare

Recognize persons like Members of Parliament and labor leaders who render a dedicated service for workers welfare by making special presentations of appreciation and encourage them to continue their service for the workers.


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